How to Find Loose Slots Online

1If you are able to find loose slots playing at the online casino, you can really explode your casino bankroll in no time at all. The issue however is that all the games tend to look alike and most people who visit the online casino are just looking to blow off some steam and have some fun at the same time. Here are a few things that you can do to find those slot machines that are paying more than other machines on a regular basis.

Look Closely at the Pay Tables
The pay tables on each slot machine at the online casino is where you will get a unique look at how much each machine pays. This is very valuable information because you will be able to separate two identical machines by how much they are paying now. On the surface it may appear two machines are the same in every sense of the word, then you find out that one pays $777 for a five like symbol pay where the other pays $250. If you were to continue to play the $250 machine, you will need to win three times just to equal what the one win on the other machine pays. Pay close attention to the pay table because it will keep you in the game longer.

Featured Games to Play
Every once in a while the casino will promote one of their slot machines on their website or social media site. This means they want some attention, and what better way to get attention that to have players winning huge chunks of change at their casino. These machines get played often and they pay even more frequently during this time because any publicity is good publicity, especially when people are winning cash.

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