Tripping Up Players at the Online Poker Tables


Tripping Up Players at the Online Poker Tables

Chances are pretty good that you don’t even realize that other players are targeting you at the online poker tables. They have spotted a weakness in your game and they are picking away at your chips without saying a word. You think you are just in the middle of a long run of bad luck, when in fact it is other players quietly pushing you around at will. Here a re a few things that you can do to shake these players off your tail.

Learn to Mix Up Your Play

The first thing that you have to do at the online poker tables is start mixing up your game a little. If you are playing from the comfort of your home, then there is a good chance you are falling into patterns that you may not even be aware of. Each time the blind comes to you, you check and then fold if anyone raises. Each time an ace hits on the board and you don’t have one in the hole, you check then fold to any bet. Each time you get to the river and see a straight or flush draw makes it, you check then fold to any raise. If you are making these moves on autopilot, you are giving others the chance to bluff you out of pots over and over again.

Become a Confusing Player

Another way to throw off the competition who are picking your bankroll clean, start keeping a more reserved profile. This means you have to stop flashing your hole cards to the others, it just gives them free information about your play. Stop chatting at the online poker table, turn off the chat feature altogether because telling them about your bad beats is only bringing more bad beats to you. Click on prediksi bola malam ini for more info.


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